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REAL Reviews from My Clients

Selling Your Bronx Home: Decisions, Decisions, and Decisions!

Posted 7/3/2015

Selling your home in Bronx: from the first inkling that you will be putting it on the market until you sign off on the paperwork, the process can be seen as a series of dozens and dozens of decisions. Many are not simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decisions, either; and many have answers that no one can ever prove was right or not.

From your Bronx real estate agent’s perspective, providing counsel on the choices when asked is an important part of the service we provide. We get to offer a deep reservoir of experience: what has worked (and not worked) before here in Bronx, as well as where the latest trends are pointing. Pricing, timing, marketing approaches are all areas where our input can be of immense value—can shape how quickly the selling of your home succeeds. In addition to the thunderously clear absolute imperatives like de-cluttering and removing an overabundance of personal items, there are also less vital areas where small touches can nudge prospective buyers in the right direction.

These are details that aren’t vital—details that sometimes may not even have any impact at all on some prospects—yet which sometimes come into play. Here are a few examples of touches that you can decide to consider when you are in the process selling your own Bronx home:

Kitchen: clean that refrigerator; defrost that freezer! You’d be surprised a many buyers open the refrigerator door (whether it’s included in the listing or not). For some reason, it seems to be a natural thing to do…even though when you’re prepping your house for a showing it’s one of the last things you think about. But taking the time early-on to do a deep cleaning and defrosting will make it simple to keep up, and the ‘newer home’ impression that results can be worth doing.

Fixtures: A little changing out of outdated bathroom fixtures, as well as knobs and pulls on cabinet doors and drawers, can make a huge difference in whether a room comes across as old and tired—or newly updated and presentable. The decisions about whether and what to consider changing can be less than obvious, so giving some thought and imagination into them will be necessary.

Presentation: Set the table? Arrange fresh floral cuttings in more than one room? Leave a note thanking your visitors for considering your home?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! If you will be selling your home in Bronx this summer, your Realtor will be by your side, helping you make informed choices about which are worth pursuing. Starting early is the first one that’s a definite right choice…and I hope calling me for a complimentary assessment will be your second!

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Finding a Home’s Bronx Listing Price: More Art than Science

Posted 6/26/2015

A Bronx listing can be a smash hit when the pictures show a property that’s cosmetically appealing, the copy rings true, and the details hit the sweet spot where features and value are a match for the best the area has to offer.

But it still might not be as effective as it should be if one other detail is a little bit off. It’s a detail that can cause qualified buyers—the ones who should be a home’s most interested prospects— to miss the whole show.

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Selling your Bronx Home…in the Distant Future!

Posted 6/23/2015

This is actually a situation that’s very common, but not much remarked upon: you know you are going to be selling your Bronx home—only not for a while…and perhaps not for a very long while! Is there anything you should be doing now, long before actual preparations are called for?

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Bronx Loans, Credit Scores—and “Invisible Ink” Safeguards

Posted 6/10/2015

You may have wondered why there are credit repair companies out there, since the credit reporting agencies have to allow any Bronx consumer to dispute incorrect line items on their own.

The big Credit Reporting Agencies (“CRAs”) even have online systems for challenging erroneous information.

The Agency must act speedily to investigate and correct any false information. Soooo, why pay someone else to just fill out their form?

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When Career Upheaval Results in a Relocation Scramble…

Posted 6/9/2015

Remember the good old days, when most people could depend on staying in the same job in the same community for an entire career?

Okay; the truth is, I don’t actually remember any time like that—but I do remember watching TV shows about it... The truth is, as with so many other facets of 21st Century life, sudden career upheavals that cause a Bronx citizen to undertake an abrupt relocation are fairly common today.

And accelerated timing requirements can make the situation more intense.

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Questions to get the Most from Bronx Realtor® Interviews

Posted 6/8/2015

Everyone agrees that getting the right Bronx Realtor® for your team is vital when you’re buying or selling a home.

Defining ‘right’ isn’t hard, either: for some of us, that will be a Realtor with the kind of dynamic sales personality that seems to make obstacles just disappear; for others, the ‘right’ Realtor® is the one we just ‘clicked’ with instantly—somebody who speaks the same language—is on the same wavelength—who we sense immediately will be someone with whom we can work seamlessly.

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